Students who get information, then re-tell it to someone soon after, may recall it better — and longer

20 Jan

From experience to meaning...

No, this isn’t a study that confirms that “‘é!§! learning pyramid, it’s more in line with previous research, as this new research by psychologist Melanie Sekeres and colleagues shows that students who are given information and tell someone about it shortly afterward recall the details better and longer.

From the press release:

“This has to be actively replaying or re-generating the information — for example, by telling someone the particulars, as opposed to just simply re-reading the textbook or class notes and studying it again later,” said Baylor psychologist Melanie Sekeres, Ph.D. She is lead author of the study, published in the journal Learning & Memory.

“A week later, the memory was just as good,” she said. “Telling someone else about what you’ve learned is a really effective way for students to study instead of just re-reading the textbook or class notes.”

In the study, students were shown…

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