Hoe stimuleer je als ouders de studieresultaten van je kinderen?

20 Mei

De nieuwsbrief “Best Evidence in Brief” van het Center for Research and Reform in Education berichtte deze week o.a. over een meta-analyse waarin de impact van ouderbetrokkenheid op studieresultaten werd geanalyseerd. Hieruit blijkt dat o.a. (hoge) verwachtingen van ouders, het regelmatig praten met je kinderen over activiteiten op school en aanleren van leesgewoontes de grootste impact hebben. Toezien op het huiswerk en deelnemen aan activiteiten op school hebben volgens deze studie het minste effect op studieresultaten. 

“A recent meta-analysis published in Educational Research Review examined the effects of parental involvement on student achievement.

A total of 37 out of 5,000 studies that were reviewed met the authors’ selection criteria, with the 37 studies examining more than 80,000 students and their families.

To be included, studies had to:

• Take place between kindergarten and twelfth grade

• Be published between 2000-2013

• Report parent participation in their children’s education, but not as part of a designated program

• Examine the effects of parent involvement on academic achievement quantitatively

Because each study looked at different variables affecting achievement outcomes, as well as different populations affected, the authors broke down each study into independent analytical units, calculating 108 effect sizes for comparison.

They found that parental expectations had the largest influence on children’s academic achievement, followed by discussing school activities with children and helping them develop reading habits. Homework supervision and participation in school activities demonstrated the least effect.” (bron: nieuwsbrief Best evidence in Brief)

Studie: Parental involvement on student academic achievement: A meta-analysis

María Castro, Eva Expósito-Casas, Esther López-Martín, Luis Lizasoain, Enrique Navarro-Asencio, José Luis Gaviria, Educational Research Review Volume 14, February 2015, Pages 33–46

This paper is a quantitative synthesis of research into parental involvement and academic achievement through a meta-analysis of 37 studies in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools carried out between 2000 and 2013. Effect size estimations were obtained by transforming Fisher’s correlation coefficient. An analysis has also been conducted of the heterogeneity of the magnitudes grouped according to different moderator variables, and a study of the publication bias affecting meta-analytical studies. The results show that the parental models most linked to high achievement are those focusing on general supervision of the children’s learning activities. The strongest associations are found when the families have high academic expectations for their children, develop and maintain communication with them about school activities, and help them to develop reading habits.


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