“You’ll need to teach this” better than “There will be a test” for remembering (again)

14 Okt

From experience to meaning...

No, this research doesn’t proof that this Loch Ness monster of education is correct (I mean the learning pyramid), but this research also suggests what an earlier study described earlier on: teaching others helps to learn more for the person teaching, but not because of the reasons you might think. To put it too bluntly: pupils remember more if you tell them they will need to teach others about it than if you tell them that there will be a test.

The researchers –Nestojko et al. – from this new study formulate a very interesting conclusion (bold by me):

Expecting to teach appears to encourage effective learning strategies such as seeking out key points and organizing information into a coherent structure. Our results suggest that students also turn to these types of effective learning strategies when they expect to teach. It is noteworthy, then, that when students instead expect…

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