Sleep enough, kid, tomorrow is a school day (and lack of sleep increases risk of failure in school)

30 Sep

From experience to meaning...

We know for already a long time that sleep is important for learning. We also know for quite a while that adolescents start staying up late and don’t seem to feel they are tired (though they actually are). Combine this and you can guess the results of this new Swedish study. It shows that adolescents who suffer from sleep disturbance or habitual short sleep duration are less likely to succeed academically compared to those who enjoy a good night’s sleep (do note: correlation!). In a new study involving more than 20,000 adolescents aged between 12 and 19, researchers demonstrated that reports of sleep disturbance and habitual short sleep duration (less than 7 hours per day) increased the risk of failure in school.

The study was led by researcher Christian Benedict and doctoral student Olga Titova at the Department of Neuroscience. The results confirms that sleep may play an important role for adolescents’…

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