Interesting read: Stop Interrupting Me! Distractions Kill Writing Quality

19 Aug

Inderdaad nog maar eens het bewijs dat multitasken geen goed idee is … en nu opnieuw trachten om een hoofdstuk af te werken waarmee ik bezig ben 😉

From experience to meaning...

I found this article by Cyrus Foroughi via @JelleJolles and sure is an important read on how distractions kill the quality of what you write. In fact, it’s again proof against multitasking (and open offices actually):

“In our study just published in the journal Human Factors, we conducted two experiments to test the hypothesis that interruptions harm quality. In the first experiment, we asked participants to outline and write three different essays. Participants were either interrupted while outlining, while writing, or not at all (as the control). Both the outlining and writing phases were 12 minutes each, and participants served in all three conditions. The essay prompts came from a stock bank from the College Board for use in the SAT.

How much do interruptions damage quality?

In the interruption conditions, participants were interrupted three separate times for 60 seconds each and asked to complete math problems. Importantly, when…

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