Noteren adhv de Cornell methode

3 jul

Eén van de technieken om notities te maken die in mijn nieuwe boek aan boek komt is de Cornell methode. De methode werd ontwikkeld in de jaren 1950 door Walter Pauk (Cornell University). Het is een handige manier om leerstof op een actieve manier samen te vatten en om jezelf achteraf te testen. Onderzoek wijst uit dat deze methode soms (!) helpt om betere resultaten te behalen. Het filmpje in deze blogpost toont je hoe je ermee aan de slag kan. Tevens vind je hier ook een selectie van studies die de effectiviteit van de techniek hebben onderzocht.



  • “A study published in 2008 by Wichita State University compared two note taking methods in a secondary English classroom, and found that Cornell Note taking may be of added benefit in cases where students are required to synthesize and apply learned knowledge, while the guided notes method appeared to be better for basic recall.”Jacobs, Keil. A Comparison of Two Note Taking Methods in a Secondary English Classroom Proceedings: 4th Annual Symposium: Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects [79] Conference proceedings held at the Eugene Hughes Metropolitan Complex, Wichita State University, April 25, 2008. Symposium Chair: David M. Eichhorn
  • “Cornell note-taking was the most effective in enhancing retrieval of lecture information and Outline note-taking was more effective than Verbatim. It was also found that review of notes enhanced retrieval of lecture information.”
    Effects of Cornell, Verbatim and Outline Note-Taking Strategies on Students’ Retrieval of Lecture Information in Nigeria, Oluyomi Oyedoyin Akintunde, Journal of Education and Practice, Vol.4, No.25, 2013 
  •  “The responses on the student evaluation form were very favorable toward the Cornell method. The Cornell method did not significantly affect the note taking skill of the students; however, the students reported a favorable impression of the technique. This reinforces the notion that high risk students are receptive to a very structured approach of instruction.The importance of the application of a note taking technique on high risk students as related to locus of control, Jobes, Jacqueline Ann, University Microfilms International, 1985
  • “The purpose of this action research project was to determine if Cornell Notes (CN) increased student achievement and note quality in my math classroom. Two classes were taught how to take notes using CN (the intervention group), and two other classes took notes in their own format (the base group). I gathered data using assessments and note checks. Independent t-tests were used to compare the results of the assessments and note checks of the groups. The data analysis indicated the intervention group had a higher quality of notes than the base group at the end of the study, while student achievement of the two groups was not significantly different.”The Effects of Teaching Cornell Notes on Student Achievement, Duane Broe, Minot State University
  • “Student math achievement continues to be a national, state, and local concern. Research suggests that note taking can improve academic achievement, but current research has failed to report how low achievers might benefit from using note taking during math classes. The purpose of this study was to determine if teaching students structured note taking strategies would improve mathematics achievement for seventh and eighth grade students at a suburban, public middle school. The study stemmed from the theory of self-regulation because it is essential in processing knowledge and creating meaning. The research addressed 2 questions that investigated whether there was a difference in math achievement between students taught note taking strategies and those who were not and whether students who reviewed their notes would have more improved math performance than those who did not. This quasi-experimental, quantitative study used a pretest/posttest control group design to compare the achievement of 131 middle school students on curricular exams, with the treatment group receiving training in Cornell note taking. Pretest data indicated there were no achievement differences between the groups prior to the intervention. Two additional t tests for independent-samples indicated no significant difference in posttest scores between the Cornell note taking group (M = 77.4, SD =18.3) and the control group (M=79.3, SD = 16.3) and students who reported high or moderate levels of note review scored significantly higher on posttests than students who reported little review. The results of this study may help schools create initiatives to support, promote, and encourage the math success of low achievers, thus increasing the likelihood of positive social change.”The Impact of Structured Note Taking Strategies on Math Achievement of Middle School Students, Wilkinson, Gregory Ashley, Ed.D., WALDEN UNIVERSITY, 2012, 229 pages; 3524314





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  1. Pedro 5 juli 2014 bij 7:55 am #

    Dit is op X, Y of Einstein? herblogden reageerde:
    Interessante methode, die zoals Tommy aangeeft, soms (!) werkt.

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