Physical fitness linked to better language skills in kids

4 Jun

From experience to meaning...

Mens sana in corpore sano, sometimes old sayings are being confirmed by today science.  Researchers report that children who are physically fit have faster and more robust neuro-electrical brain responses during reading than their less-fit peers. These differences correspond with better language skills in the children who are more fit, and occur whether they’re reading straightforward sentences or sentences that contain errors of grammar or syntax.

But do note, this research is about a link, not about a cause. Whether the difference is caused by fitness or maybe some third variable that (affects) both fitness and language processing, the researchers don’t know yet.  But this study shows that the brain function of higher fit kids is different, in the sense that they appear to be able to better allocate resources in the brain towards aspects of cognition that support reading comprehension

Abstract of the research:

Event-related brain potentials (ERPs) have been instrumental for discerning…

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