No, our memory is no video camera (new evidence against myth of photographic memory)

6 Feb

From experience to meaning...

We already have known for quite a while that people don’t have a photographic memory. There is a huge difference between a perfect recollection of what you saw and a good memory. A new study confirms that we alter our memories with more recent experiences.

“Your memory is a wily time traveler, plucking fragments of the present and inserting them into the past, reports a new study. In terms of accuracy, it’s no video camera. Rather, memory rewrites the past with current information, updating your recollections with new experiences to aid survival. Love at first sight, for example, is more likely a trick of your memory than a Hollywood-worthy moment.”

In fact this study seems to be more a confirmation of earlier research with added neuro-value. Don’t get me wrong, confirmation is so much needed in research!

From the press release:

“When you think back to when you…

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