What can science tell us about how pupils learn best?

5 Okt

Pragmatic Education

 “The mind is at last yielding its secrets to persistent scientific investigation.

We have learned more in the last 25 years about how the mind works

than we did in the preceding 2500”.

Daniel Willingham, 2009.


The more we learn about the brain, the more we learn how much knowledge and memory matters.


Last post, thanks to Ben Goldacre, Tom Bennett and Andrew Old, I explored the difficulty of distinguishing between scientific research and neuro-myths. Things moved since. The Monday after, Tom Bennett launched with astonishing energy into organising the first ever teacher-led wiki-conference on education and research for September. Everything from format, venue, speakers, helpers, sponsors, web design and even its name is being crowd-sourced through social networks. Answering Ben Goldacre’s call to arms, championed by both teaching and research communities, the barricades of evidence-based practice are well and truly manned. Within 24 hours Tom had…

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