He had a year to do it in!

6 Aug

De afgelopen dagen heb ik heel wat literatuur, presentaties, podcasts, enz. gelezen, bekeken en beluisterd over procrastinatie (het stond al langer op mijn to-do lijstje!). Daarbij kwam ik al snel terecht bij het werk van Tim Pychyl. Via één van zijn presentaties leerde ik het gedicht ‘He had a year to do it in’ van John Lea kennen dat ik alvast via deze weg met jullie wil delen.

He Had A Year To Do It In

He had a year to do it in
So brushed the thought away,
A chap with half his energy
Might do it in a day. A year!
‘Twas too ridiculous,
As everyone should find;
However, he would get it done
And have it off his mind.

But not today.
A few months hence would suit him better still;
Meanwhile, a far less irksome job
Might occupy his skill.
He would not let the matter pass
Entirely from him, No;
And doubtless he might take it up
In, say a month or so.

He had six months to do it in!
For six long months had flown;
Well, why should that alarm a chap
With talents like his own?
The job, whence once embarked upon,
Would soon be rattled through;
However, he would think of it,
In, say, a week or two.

He had three months to do it in!
“Oh brother!” was his cry;
The thing hangs on me like a weight,
Each day that passes by.
Let’s see: three months?
Ah, that’s enough, But, just to clear the doubt,
Make arrangements for a start
Before the month is out.

He had a week to do it in!
And care was in his glance.
“It’s hard,” he cried, “that flight of time,
Won’t give a chap a chance!”
He still delayed, the swift week passed,
As weeks will ever run,
And though a year was given him,
The task was still undone.

( John Lea, gepubliceerd in Boys Own Paper, Volume 37, Issue 3, january 1915)


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